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Hiro Suda - Stylist

I left bustling Tokyo in 2010, resigning from a senior stylist position with a well known international salon after a successful 10 year career with them.
During the 9 years since arriving in Adelaide I have enjoyed being part of a wonderful team in a well established, highly regarded Adelaide group of salons. I thank them for their blessings. I owe much of my knowledge of Aussie culture and slang to my generous colleagues.
Establishing my own salon and welcoming clients as friends realises my childhood dream.


Shiho Suda - Colourist

I acquired a taste for the Australian way of life as an international student in my teens. I studied at an Adelaide Hair Academy before returning to Tokyo in 2001. I started my hairdressing career with the same well known international salon as Hiro, and resigned in 2009.
Longing to enjoy the vast horizons and relaxed lifestyle of Adelaide, I convinced Hiro to join me in Australia.
I have experience and expertise in matching a colour and style to my clients individual natural tones, lifestyle and personality. Asian hair and blondes of all shades are my speciality.


Yuta Morimoto - Stylist

I am Japanese trainer and have over 10 years experience in the Japanese Hair Industry.
Based in Tokyo for 5 years and more recently as a freelance hairstylist in Nagoya, I relocated to Adelaide in 2019.
I enjoy creative pursuits in my free time including drawing and photography.